Subscriptions and Membership Categories

Entry Fees and Subscription Rates 2021-2022 (including VAT at 20%)

Membership Category

Joining Fee




x 10 Months

Town Artist £5.00 £555.00 £55.50
Country Artist £5.00 £344.00 £34.40
Young Artist (under 35) Nil £199.00 £19.90
Practising Student Artist Nil £90.00 £9.00
Town Architect £5.00 £570.00 £57.00
Country Architect £5.00 £344.00 £34.40
Town Lay £5.00 £626.00 £62.60
Country Lay £5.00 £344.00 £34.40
Young Lay (under 35) £5.00 £199.00 £19.90
Retired £5.00 £570.00 £57.00
Associate £5.00 £199.00 £19.90
Student £5.00 £90.00 £9.00
Corporate Lay Membership
First Member £5.00 £600.00 -
Each Additional Member £5.00 £200.00 -


  1. Members may choose to pay by continuous credit or debit card authority over ten months.
  2. Subscriptions are due to be paid annually by 1 November. New members joining after the first month of the membership year will have their first year’s subscription apportioned accordingly. The Entry Fee is payable once only at the time of joining the Club.
  3. Artist members shall comprise persons practising in the fine and applied Arts and other visual Arts, architects
    and designers, and persons engaged professionally in other creative and performance work.
  4. Country members are defined as members who do not reside or have a place of business within a 40 mile radius
    of the Clubhouse.
  5.  Retired members are defined as members who are aged over 60 and have retired from business.
  6. Corporate membership: any company, firm or other organisation may apply for corporate membership for a
    minimum of two of its senior persons as Corporate Lay members.
  7.  Associate membership: the partner of any existing Artist or Lay member is eligible.
  8.  Student membership: eligibility is at the discretion of the Club Council.

Membership Categories

Membership limitation:

No one under the age of 18 years may be elected a Member of the Club.


All applications with the exception of the 90 Days Taster Membership, require a proposer and a seconder who are Members of the Club. For Practising Artist applications these should be themselves Practising Artist Members. For Applicants who do not know Club Members to act as a proposer and seconder they can still apply and select No proposer or seconder on the form. The Club Secretary can make arrangements for the applicant to meet appropriate Members to facilitate the applicant's application.

Membership Categories:

Link to Application Forms to use:

Non-Practising Artists:

Non-Practising Artists are Artist Members who do not qualify as Practising Artists and will be unable to submit examples of their artwork in the Club’s Exhibitions.

Lay Members:

Lay members shall be persons interested in or having a connection with the Arts.

Practising Artists:

Practising Artists are Artist Members practising in the fine and applied Arts and other visual Arts (painting, drawing, graphic and illustrative arts, photography, sculpture and three-dimensional arts). Practising Artists are able to submit artwork to the Club's Exhibitions. Practising Artists candidates should be proposed and seconded by Practising Artist Members of the Club and will also need to submit at least two specimens of original work which can be uploaded from the Club’s website (a username and password and instructions will be advised to the candidate). Such works will be privately viewable on the Club’s website only by the candidate and Members of the Club.

Practising Student Artists:

Practising Student Artists are Artist Members who are attending, as a student, a full time course in the fine and applied Arts and other visual Arts (painting, drawing, graphic and illustrative arts, photography, sculpture and three-dimensional arts) or have graduated within the last 12 months.

Practising Student Artist membership is not subject to election, applicants do not therefore need to submit their work for prior consideration.

Town Members:

Town members shall include all members resident for more than one month in each year or having a place of business within a radius of 40 miles of the Clubhouse.

Country Members:

Members not so resident or not having a place of business within said radius may elect to be country members.

Retired Members:

Retired Members are aged 60 or over and have retired from business.

Young Artist or Lay Members:

Young Artist members shall be Artist members, and Young Lay members shall be Lay members, who are on the date of their election and who remain on the date of the commencement of each subscription year under the age of 35 years.

Student Members:

Student Members shall be Young Members under the age of 35 who are attending a University or a Further Education Institution or College on a degree course.

Associate Members:

The partner of any existing Artist member or Lay member shall be eligible for election as an Associate member.

Corporate Lay Members:

A company, firm or other organisation may apply and nominate not less than two of its directors, partners, office-bearers or other senior persons for election as Corporate Lay Members of the Club. The online application form has the facility to submit up to 5 Corporate Lay Members.

90 Day Taster Membership:

The 90 Day Taster Membership provides an introductory 3-month membership at a fixed fee. You pay a non-returnable fee of £120 which can be spent within the club on food, drink, events or even towards the cost of an artwork. You can top up your fund at any time during the 90 days. For the 90 Day Taster Membership proposers and seconders are not required. and this could be the perfect way for you to find out more about the Club and the ways in which being a member could enrich your life. At the end of the period, you can decide whether to join as a full Member. Membership is open to all – you don’t need to be an artist to be a member of the Glasgow Art Club. The Glasgow Art Club is a dynamic community of people of varied ages, backgrounds and interests for whom the Arts are an essential part of everyday life.