How to Join the Glasgow Art Club

Today, the Glasgow Art Club continues to build on it's distinguished tradition and the unique qualities that are essential for maintaining membership value, as well as attracting new members who will share in our exciting vision for the future.

The main criteria we seek in new members are an active appreciation of the arts and a willingness to embrace club life in its ever-evolving form. Whilst we always encourage members to become involved in the Club’s events, we understand that many people seek solace from the usual chaos of city centre bars and restaurants. It is our aim to provide a relaxed, laid back and friendly atmosphere which you and your friends, family and colleagues can enjoy. It may even be worth mentioning at this point that we don’t have a dress code, and whilst we want to embrace the modern working practices, we do have quiet zones where we frown upon the use of mobile phones. Many have described us as an oasis of calm and we desire to continue as such.

If you do not already know any members of the Club don’t worry – just contact us and we will be delighted to give you every assistance to process your application.

For membership enquiries please contact Jonathan Lord, club Secretary.

Follow the links to find out more information on the Benefits of Membership, Reciprocal Clubs, Subscriptions and Membership Categories and Online Application Forms. All Membership applications can now be completed online.

Whatever the weather, you are guaranteed to be met with a warm welcome and a friendly face.

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