Exhibition Entries

Artwork for Exhibitions

Artists wishing to submit Artwork for exhibitions will need to complete a form for each work submitted. The process is shown below:
1 - Submitting artwork for Exhibitions.

Artists may also wish to submit photographs of their Artwork for display on an Exhibition Gallery page on the Glasgow Art Club's website. The process for this is also shown below:
2 - Submitting artwork for an Exhibition Gallery Page on the Glasgow Art Club's website.

1 - Submitting artwork for Exhibitions

If you are submitting work to the Exhibition, please complete each section of the form. Part A should be fixed to the back of the work, Part B should be handed to the Gallery Convener (or the person in charge at the time of handing in the work). Part C should be retained as a receipt which you should bring to the Club when collecting works at the end of the Exhibition. [Click Here to Download the Exhibition Submission Form]

2. Submitting artwork for an Exhibition Gallery Page on the Glasgow Art Club's website.

Artist Members / Exhibitors who are exhibiting their artwork at an Exhibition to be held at the Club who wish a photograph image and details of their artwork to be included on a Gallery Page for the Exhibition can now submit their entries on line.

Ideally we would like to be able to publish the Exhibition Gallery in advance of the Exhibition opening to to help publicising the Exhibition and hopefully to sell more of the paintings exhibited. So please submit your artwork as early as you can.

Please use the Submit Art form to provide details and upload an image of your artwork from your computer. (For multiple entries each needs a separate form to be submitted)

Please note that you need to sign in as an Artist user prior to submitting your artwork using the Submit Artwork form. To sign in click on the sign in link at the top right of any page and enter your username and password.

To submit your artwork for an Exhibition Gallery page, please click on the Submit Artwork link below:

Please note the following: -

    • Your Name and email address: will automatically be added to the form
    • Gallery Name: Select the Gallery Name from the drop-down menu if there is more than one exhibition taking place
    • Artwork Title: This is the Title of your painting or sculpture. Enter this as you wish it to be displayed on the Gallery Page
    • Date of creation: This is the date or year that your artwork was created, or you can leave it blank
    • Medium: This is the medium used to create the artwork: e.g. oil on canvas
    • Size: This is the size of the artwork. Please add cm or in as required
    • Price: This is the price of artwork, you can leave this blank id the artwork is not for sale or has been sold
    • Sold: If the artwork has been sold, tick the box Sold
    • Artwork Description: This is where you can add a description for information or to help market your artwork
    • Upload artwork: Click on the Browse button and locate and select the image file for your artwork on your computer and enter this.
    • To complete the submission: Click on the Submit button and wait until you get confirmation that your submission has been uploaded. You will be taken to a confirmation page with the option of returning to the Submit Artwork form, to submit further artworks. You will also receive an email for each submission confirming the details you have entered on the form and access to the image file. If you have made any errors, repeat the submission of the artwork in full with the correct details and the correct image.
    • A second or subsequent submission: If you wish to submit two or more paintings or sculptures, you will need to complete the form again for each submission. When you have made a submission, you can return to the form for another submission by clicking on the link.

Once you have made your submission/s, they will then be manually validated, thus there will be a delay, so your artwork will not be viewable until this process has been completed.