The 135th Annual Paisley Art Insititute Exhibition

Now open to the public.

Tuesday - Saturday

11 am until 5 pm 

Final day - Saturday 8 June 2024

The Club bar is open to guests for fresh coffee, teas, snack and plenty of wine.

The Glasgow Art Club occasionally host private events and concerts in our Mackintosh Gallery; during these times there are still 270 works to view across the rest of the Club. If you are making a special visit on a specific date please call to check availability. 


Thank you to all sponsors and congratulations to all winners.

Karl Stern Award
Colin Macleod
'Pensful in the Attercap's Bield'

Future Paisley Award
Gillian Greer Park
'motifs and mandarins'

Charlie Jamieson Award
Jim Davis
'glorious sunset'

Bessie Scott Award
John Ramsey

'Informal housing no. 1'

James Curr Award
John Rowland

Knox Award
Lesley Banks
'Nocturne, garden hut'

Eslyn Barr Award
Lynn Howarth
'To the studio Broughton House'

Louise Burbour Award
Mary Davidson
'roses in the studio'

Millers Award
Moira Ferguson
'Merman Mask'

Bet Low Award
Neil Macdonald
'Winter, Castle Drummond'

McKay Award
Rhonda Smith
'proud mother'

Joe Hargan Award
Carol Dewart
'Red October '

Wm and Mary Armour Award
Cate Inglis

Art Hire Award
Catherine King
'the force of nature'

Lemond Award
Simon Laurie
'Imaginary Landscape'

Beltane Foundry Award
Robert Richard
'guarding the border '

Arnold Clark Award
Michael Durning
'Le Paquebot la Lydia'

Parallel Visions
Odette Lavansch

House for an Art Lover Award
Kate Henderson
'Fancy Door'

Glasgow Art Club Award
Les Donaghy
'Fish and ships'


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