Blythswood Festival Program at GAC


Thursday 23rd May - 7:30 pm

GLASGOW STREETSCAPES – Muirhead Bone & friends

Norry Wilson, journalist

If, as Shakespeare says: ‘All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players’, then the streets of Glasgow are surely our stage;  a time-shifting tableaux against which we, previous, and future generations, measure out our days and dramas.

Join Lost Glasgow's Norry Wilson as he pulls back the photographic curtain to reveal the lives, stories, and people who first built and inhabited the streets we now call home.

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Friday 24th  May - 2.00 pm 

City Streets, Scottish Islands and Silhouetted Hills: Bet Low Art and Life

Hildegarde Berwick, art curator

In this centenary year of the birth of Glasgow-based artist Bet Low, Hildegarde describes in the Art Club Gallery the art and life of this important figurative and landscape painter. The artist is best known for her tranquil views of Orkney and other west coast locations in Scotland. During the earlier part of her career, she co-founded a pioneering art gallery in 1963 in Sauchiehall Street to show the work of young, ambitious artists. Her views of Glasgow dating to the late 1940s and 1950s, have since become important documents of now lost areas of the city. In 1999, Bet was awarded the honorary degree of Doctor of Letters from Glasgow University.

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Tuesday 28th  May - 2 pm for 2:15 pm
Tuesday 4th  June - 2 pm for 2:15 pm

Bet Low - an Artist’s Life Reflected Through Glasgow’s Architecture

Hildegarde Berwick, art curator

Join art curator and historian Hildegarde Berwick in this guided walk around some of the streets in Blythswood. Bet Low made Glasgow her home after studying at Glasgow School of Art, completing her studies in 1945. Bet’s first studio was in Sauchiehall Street across from Glasgow Unity Theatre Centre, located in one of the still-existing Georgian houses. Bet exhibited widely at many venues across Glasgow including the McLellan Galleries from the late 1940s onwards and also the Glasgow Society of Lady Artists Club located in Blythswood Square. Returning to Glasgow Art Club around 4 pm and Afternoon Tea served in the Dining Room. Please dress appropriately for the weather and wear comfortable shoes. Be aware that some pavement surfaces may be uneven.

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Thursday 30th May - 1.30 - 3:30 pm

THE ART OF STILL LIFE - Demonstration

Artist - Susan McFarlane

Susan McFarlane is a painter and teacher of art who trained at ECA and The Slade. Working mainly in traditional Fine Art media, painting and printmaking, she is drawn to represent the world around her, her family and friends, places and objects that inspire her. The traditional themes of Portraiture, Figurative Composition and Still Life are central to her work. However, it is Susan’s intention to always look freshly at her subject whether a child or still life object and to respond independently of preconceived knowledge on the chosen subject matter. There should always be a sense of wonder in the world and Susan's intention is to imbue her paintings with a ‘joie de vivre’.

Susan's Website:

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Friday 31st May - 7.30 pm

JUNIPER THREE  - Vocal Harmony Trio

Juniper Three

Harmony is at the heart of Juniper Three, a vocal trio comprising Aimee Penman, Laura Hill and Outi Smith. The group writes and arranges their songs as a collective, creating a tapestry of genres in a lush, seamless interweaving of voices, and embracing the ethos of three solo singers coming together to share the lead. As well as their own acclaimed material, the trio sings arrangements of hand-picked covers, in a similarly eclectic mix of styles, melody and jazz. Accompanied by piano; with some a cappella.

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Wednesday 5th June - 1 pm    

Westbourne Concert - Spanish Roses 

Marina Sanchez-Cabello (Cello) and Ana Romero (Trumpet)

A distinctive and captivating collaboration that combines the expressive power of the trumpet with the rich and resonant tones of the cello. This dynamic duo creates an innovative and unique blend of sound that is both passionate and melodious. Each instrument shines individually while creating a cohesive and harmonious whole. A celebration of Latin rhythms with many surprises to mark the end of the Westbourne 2023/24 season.

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Wednesday 5th June - 3:30 pm

THE LOST ART of HOLLYWOOD: George Gibson and MGM

Gary Fry, Head of Scenic Art, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

Lost pieces of art from the golden age of Hollywood have been rediscovered. Six original backdrops from the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer film archive have been donated to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland from the American Art Directors Guild archive. These magnificent pieces were created by George Gibson, a Scot who trained in Glasgow before moving to Hollywood in the early 20th century, pioneering the new art form of painted backings for film. At MGM’s request, he formed and headed for thirty years the first, and most important, in-house Art department of any major film company. Join us for a special event, hosted by Gary Fry, to find out more about how these – and other – iconic pieces of film history were created and used on the big screen, enjoyed by audiences worldwide.

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Thursday 6th June - 7:30 pm

NOT JUST A CRAFT OR PROFESSION: Bet Low and Scottish Colourist J. D. Fergusson

Hildegarde Berwick, art curator

With a 50-year age gap between these two artists, what could they have in common? With new illustration, Hildegarde Berwick throws light upon the connections. Be surprised by the crossovers in their careers once Fergusson returned from France at the outbreak of the Second World War and chose to live in Glasgow. Bet Low had an eventful 50+ year career in this city, including co-organising probably the first open air painting exhibition on the railings of the Botanic Gardens, a short distance from where Fergusson lived.

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