Rowena Comrie – Featured Artist August 2021


‘Faultline’, Watercolour, 122 x 145 cm framed and glazed Price:£2,500.

The dramatic soaring Arrochar Alps, part of the volcanic Highland fault line show the power of the Ice Age still evident in the soaring craggy peaks and the smoothed off slopes. However, the picturesque is lifted into a new dimension, the sublime, by the giant naval boatyard at Faslane marking the work of another force of nature: Mankind. The submarine shed, although adding an attempt at order to the scene, sits subservient to the forces of nature. Yet when considered in context with the power of water, shipping, the weather, volcanic energy and a pandemic virus, the uses of nuclear add a further tension, as a modern force of science.

I approach each work as a fresh adventure in painting, where new ideas are allowed to flow. Building on past painterly experiences, a reflective considered comprehension is nurtured.

My art is a considered response to external experience and internal reflection: Personal contemporary expression in a positive, critically questioning form. Discovering the chance associations possible in the vibrancy and tension of paint colours and forms, a painting is complete at the point where it feels right, a feeling, mood or idea sustained for thoughtful consideration.

Rowena graduated with an honours degree in Fine Art from Reading University (1982), and since then painted first in Aberdeen and then for the past ten years, in Glasgow. She exhibits both nationally and internationally and has work many public and private collections.

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