Designs For Living

Designs for Living
Preview: Friday 3 August, 5pm – 8pm
Exhibition Runs: Saturday 4 August – 7 September

Featuring designs by Charles Anderson, Dugald Cameron, Conrad T McKenna & Helen Turner.

The aim of this exhibition is to promote design, innovation and education whilst celebrating the careers of four distinguished designer/artists.

Curated by GAC Gallery Convenor, Denise Fraser, the exhibition will look at the following aspects of design:

  • Design Innovation of the aircraft( RAF 100 Years), paintings of aircrafts, plans by Professor Dugald Cameron
  • Environmental sculpture, plans, site/processes, photographs and maquette, also later developed paintings by Charles Anderson
  • Design in the carpet manufacturing industry, a collection of designs and later landscape paintings by Helen Turner
  • Teaching two dimensional design at the Art School , (colour, composition and texture) through prints and watercolour paintings by Conrad McKenna

Charles Anderson


Conrad T McKenna


Dugald Cameron


Helen Turner Carpet Design Sketch, c1980



The Glasgow Art Club would like to extend thanks to The University of Glasgow Archive Services.