In addition to work by GAC members, there will be two tapestries from the invited guest artist Claudie Maigrot hanging in the exhibition.


Glasgow Art Club Summer Exhibition 2016

At the Glasgow Art Club

Private view and opening: Friday 17th June.

Exhibition Runs: Saturday 18th June - Saturday 6th August.

The exhibition will be opened by Dr Juliette MacDonald, Head of The School Of Design, Edinburgh College of Art at 8pm.

Dr Juliette MacDonald, FRSA, FRSA (Scot) completed her PhD at the University of St Andrews and is currently Head of the School of Design, Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh. Her research interests focus on both historical and contemporary craft and design with a particular emphasis on issues of cultural identity and nationalism. She is co-curator of the Naked Craft exhibition which brings together the work of contemporary Scottish and Canadian makers. The Exhibition has toured Canada and is now touring Scotland. She writes on consumerism, craft and design theory and practice and has articles and reviews published in various Journals as well as book chapters on aspects of Design and Craft.

An a la carte meal will be served in the dining room between 6 and 8pm. Members wishing to dine should book by noon, Wednesday 15 June.

Exhibition open to the public 11-5pm Monday to Saturday, or by appointment.

Please note that on occasion exhibitions may be closed to the public at these times to accommodate private functions and events.

Please call ahead on 0141 248 5210 to avoid disappointment.

Ring the bell to gain access to the Club.


Future Exhibitions:

Summer Exhibition - Preview: Friday 17 June, 2016, Exhibition Runs: Saturday 18 June - Tuesday 9 August- see above
Success Built in Stone Exhibition - Exhibition Runs: Saturday 9 July - Saturday 30 July
Art for Care Exhibition - Preview: Thursday 25 August, 2016, Exhibition Runs: Thursday 25 August - Tuesday 6 September
Autumn Exhibition - Preview: Friday 9 September, 2016, Exhibition Runs: Saturday 10 September - Saturday 8 October
Joe Hargan Preview: Friday 14 October Exhibition Runs: 14 October - 21 November
Winter Exhibition - Preview: Friday 25 November, 2016, Exhibition Runs: Saturday 26 - Thursday 22 December

Archive Galleries for Previous Exhibitions (click on the link to open the Gallery page): -

Anthony Armstrong Exhibition- Friday 13 May - Thursday 9 June 2016
Glasgow Art Club Spring Exhibition 2016 - Tuesday, 29 March - Saturday, 30 April 2016
Glasgow Art Club Members and Guests Exhibition - 6th February- Saturday 19th March 2016
Glasgow Art Club Winter Exhibition - 27 November - 22 December 2015
Glasgow Southern Art Club Autumn Exhibition - 31st October to 14th November 2015
Glasgow Art Club Connections Exhibition - 19th October - 21st November 2015
Glasgow Art Club Autumn Exhibition - 14th September to 8th October 2015
Shona Barr at 50 Exhibition - 6th August to 8th September 2015
The Glasgow Art Club Summer Exhibition - 20 June - 10 August 2015
The Glasgow Art Club Spring Exhibition -30 March - 5 May 2015
The Gallery Relaunch Exhibition - Monday, 24th November to Saturday, 20th December, 2014.
Glasgow Art Club Summer Exhibition - Sunday 29th June to 2nd August, 2014.
Diana Hand Exhibition "the horse in mind" - Sunday 12th, May 2014 to Thursday 5th June, 2014.
Glasgow Art Club Spring Exhibition - Saturday 22nd March – Saturday 3rd May 2014
Glasgow Art Club Winter Exhibition: Sunday 8th December, 2013 - 11th January, 2014
Glasgow Southern Art Club Exhibition: Saturday 2nd November to Saturday 9th November, 2013
Glasgow Art Club Autumn Exhibition: Sunday 15th September to 12th October, 2013
Paul Kennedy Transportations Exhibition: Saturday, 10th August to Friday, 30th August 2013
Summer Exhibition: Sunday, 30th June, 2013 to Monday, 5th August, 2013
Spring Exhibitionn in the Gallery - 24th March, 2013
Drawing from Life Exhibitionn in the Billiard Room - 24th March, 2013
Emilio Coia's "Musicians" Exhibition in the Gallery - 1st March, 2013
George Devlin Retrospective Exhibition 2013 - Thursday 7th February - Saturday 23rd February 2013
Award Winners Exhibition - Saturday 8th December until Saturday 5th January 2013
Glasgow Art Club - Winter Exhibition - Saturday 8th December until Saturday 5th January 2013
Group13 Artists - Haiku Exhibition - Monday 5th November until Saturday 1st December, 2012
Glasgow Southern Art Club Exhibition - Saturday 15th September - Sunday 23rd September, 2012
Glasgow Art Club's Autumn Exhibition of works by members - Friday 31st August - Friday 21st September, 2012
Visual Arts Scotland: Professional Members Exhibition 2012, 2nd to 26th Julyl 2012.
Glasgow Art Club Spring Exhibition 2012, 6th Apri to 28th April 2012.
Glasgow Schools Painting Competition 2012, 3rd March - 31st March, 2012.
Glasgow Art Club Award Winners Exhibition, 3rd December - 8th January, 2012.
Glasgow Southern Art Club Exhibition, 5th, November - 26h November, 2011
Invited Exhibition of work by artists awarded the Diploma of Paisley Art Institute, PAI, 1st - 29th October 2011
Autumn Exhibition, Saturday 3rd - Saturday 24th September 2011
Society of Scottish Artists - Professional Members Exhibition - Saturday 8th August to Saturday 27th August, 2011
Glasgow Art Club Summer Exhibition - 4th June to 2nd July, 2011
Glasgow Society of Women Artiists Exhibition - 4th June to 2nd July, 2011
Spring Exhibition - Private view 8tht April,Open to General Public 4th – 29th April 2011
Deutsche Bank sponsored fundraising exhibition - 10th until 26th March 2011
The Artists of Wasp Studios Exhibition - Saturday 12th February until Saturday 5th March 2011
James D Robertson Memorial Exhibition - Monday 4th October until Saturday 23rd October 2010
Glasgow Art Club Autumn Exhibition - Friday 27th August until Friday 17th September 2010
John Mackechnie Retrospective Exhibition - Friday 27th August until Friday 24th September 2010
Glasgow Summer Art Club Exhibition - Friday 25th June until Tuesday 27th July 2010
Glasgow Southern Art Club Exhibition - Friday 21st May until Monday 23rd June 2010
Royal Watercolour Society Exhibition - Friday 23rd April until Monday 10th May 2010
Spring Exhibition - Friday 26th March until Tuesday 20th April 2010
Paintings by Bill Alston - Exhibition - Saturday 6th February to 27th February 2010
Glasgow Art Club Winter Exhibition - Saturday 28th November to 12th January 2010
Jessica Wolfson Exhibition 'Track Five' - Friday 2nd October to Wednesday 28th October 2009
Glasgow Art Club Autumn Exhibition- Friday 4th Septemeber - Tuesday 29th September 2009
Glasgow Art Club Fellowship Exhibition- Friday 31st July- Tuesday 25th August 2009
Summer Exhibition of works by Artist Members at the Glasgow Art Club - Saturday 4th July - Tuesday 28th July 2009
Dugald Cameron Exhibition Exhibition - Saturday 13th June - Tuesday 30th June 2009
Blair Thomson Solo Exhibition 'Trailing the North Wind' - 6th May - 29th May 2009
Spring Exhibition - 3rd April - 28th April 2009
Highland Art Exhibition (Andrew Sinclair, Andrew Stewart, Alan B Hayman) - 28th February - 31st March 2009
Jennifer Irvine & Hazel Nagl Exhibition - Monday 27th Oct - Friday 19th November 2008
Summer Exhibition - Friday 4th July 2008- Saturday 2nd August 2008
Glasgow Art Club/Scottish Arts Club Reciprocal Exhibition - Wednesday 25th June 2008 - Saturday19th July 2008
Ailsa McWilliam ( Fellowship Exhibition ) - 7th June 2008  till   30th June 2008
New Faces at the Art Club - 10th May 2008 -30th May 2008
Members Spring Exhibition - 12th April 2008 - 3rd May 2008
Society of Bondage - April 2008



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