Carbon Sink – 58 x 42cm (A2) Print

By John Rowland

Carbon Sink – 58 x 42cm (A2) Print

  • Date of Artwork: 2021
  • Medium: Unframed open edition giclee print derived from pastel original
  • Size: 42cm x 58cm
  • Price: £80
  • Gallery:



Peatland accounts for 3% of global land cover but store twice as much carbon as all the world’s forests.  20% of Scotland’s land cover is classified as peatland storing the equivalent of 140 years’ worth of Scotland’s current total annual greenhouse emissions.  Undisturbed peatland therefore acts as an extremely effective carbon sink. Draining peatland for afforestation is consequently counter productive.

Same size giclee print reproduction of original (equivalent to A2)

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