The Selkie

By Frank McNab

The Selkie

      • Date of Artwork: September 2020
      • Medium: Oil on wooden panel
      • Size: 44" x 60"
      • Sold: No
      • Price: £8675 (includes UK delivery)
      • Exhibition:



We all live on the same planet.
This painting is inspired by the humanitarian crisis facing refugees and the particularly tragic story of Mercy Baguma, an asylum seeker who was found dead in her Glasgow flat in August.
I want this painting to emphasize the need for us to embrace those who need our help.
The selkie is a mythical figure of Scottish folklore who is capable of changing from seal to human. Stories of selkies come mostly from remote communities on Scotland’s extensive coasts. There are both male and female selkies and they are visitors who can bring magical comfort to lonely people. It has been said that the stories originated from Finnish canoeists who wore sealskins and who travelled across the sea to Scotland.
In this painting the selkie is shown at the point where she emerges from the cold sea embracing a frightened crying girl who is wearing a life jacket and clutching a tyre inner tube round her waist.

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