153 Years of Portraiture in the Glasgow Art Club

153 Years of Portraiture in the Glasgow Art Club
Preview: Thursday 16 January 6pm – 8pm
Exhibition runs : 17 January to 29 February

The Art Collection of the Glasgow Art Club has been formed by donation by current and former Members of the Club.

In choosing what to donate, portraiture has been very important especially where it could record and honour fellow Members.   However, the choices are pure happen-chance so many interesting and important Members are not included.

If portraiture means recording the features of a person and capturing their mood, then landscape painting does the same in capturing the look of a place in specific weather conditions.  As a result, the current exhibition includes some landscape paintings from the collection.

This exhibition celebrates the Glasgow Art Club being a venue for the Scottish Portrait Awards 2019 by featuring objects from every era of the Club and hopefully includes some familiar faces and some gems long overlooked.