Thursday Talks: What the Four Wore – Mackintosh, Macdonald and the fashion for Artistic Dress

Thursday Talks:

What the Four Wore: Mackintosh, Macdonald and the fashion for Artistic Dress

Dr Robyne Calvert

Thursday 25 October 2018

6pm for 6.30pm


Mackintosh’s floppy bow tie is nearly as emblematic as his signature moustache. McNair also sported this fashion, and the Macdonald sisters were known for their unique sense of style, as a few extant photographs reveal. What does their eccentric manner of dressing say about them as artists? In this talk, Dr Robyne Calvert, Mackintosh Research Fellow at the Glasgow School of Art, will discuss Artistic Dress, the style through which many Victorian artists expressed their affinity with creative ideals that often ran counter to mainstream. Beginning with the Pre-Raphaelites, and with a glance to the Aesthetes, we might begin to consider whether or not such practices yet exist today – even within the walls of the Glasgow Art Club. Dressing to express your creative side most welcome!


As the Mackintosh Research Fellow, Dr Robyne Erica Calvert is charged with fostering innovative research projects arising from the reconstruction of the Mackintosh Building. She was previously a lecturer in history and theory of architecture and design at the GSA, and is also a visiting lecturer in art and design history at the University of Glasgow.



18.00 arrival

18.30 lecture

19.15 Q&A

19.45 supper for members.




Charles Rennie Mackintosh

(1868 – 1928)

1893, James Annan/

T&R Annan and Sons


Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh (1864 – 1933)

circa 1901, James Annan/

T&R Annan and Sons



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