Liz Knox – Featured Artist for July 2021

Liz Knox DA(Edin) PAI PPAI

Liz Knox studied drawing and painting under Sir Robin Philipson and David Michie. Liz graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1971. Her work is regularly exhibited throughout the UK.

“Offshore Shadows” Mixed media, 30 x 44 inches/76 x 111.75 cms £4,400

Liz describes her work as:

“A collection of marks influenced by objects, words, music, locations and events experienced. Mostly viewed from a mind’s eye perspective, the work evolves from my reaction to a particular experience at a particular time”.

“The label, ‘Still Life’, has been applied to my work. I think of a still life as a deliberate placing of a set of artifacts to be recorded as arranged in view. I don’t think of my work as still life. Neil Astley of Bloodaxe Books remarked that I had, “Reinvented the still life” and certainly elements of still life occur in the work. Flowers are often involved. I really enjoy painting flowers. It’s personal. In my mind I make stories, the viewer may find their own interpretation. Basically, I paint.”

Liz is an elected artist member of Paisley Art Institute, elected professional member of Visual Arts Scotland, elected artist member of Glasgow Society of Women Artists, and an elected artist member of Glasgow Art Club.

Liz is also a Past President of Paisley Art Institute.

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