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On-Line Application

Membership Application Form:

This Application form can be completed for all Membership Applications: Practising Artists, Non Practising Artists, Lay, Associate (i.e. The partner of any existing Artist member or Lay member) and Corporate Membership. Please note that for Practising Artists there is a process for reviewing your artwork etc. and we will get in touch with you to explain the process to you. All applicants should complete the first section of the application form. The second section is for Corporate applications only.

Proposer and Seconder of my Application:

Tick the following box if you do not have a proposer and seconder and we will be happy to assist you further.

Submit your application here (except for corporate applications)

Section 2 to be completed for Corporate Member Applications Only

Corporate Membership Section

The Nominated Applicants (minimum of two) are as follows:

Applicant 1

Applicant 2

Applicant 3

Applicant 4

Applicant 5



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