Scottish Portrait Award 2023 – 19th January until 17th February


The below works are a small selection of the available pieces to view in the Scottish Portrait Awards 2023. Please come visit the Club to view them all. The exhibition is viewable from Saturday 20th January until Saturday 17th February.

Launched by the Scottish Arts Trust in 2017, the Scottish Portrait Awards have become a barometer of contemporary Scottish art practice. The Awards give visibility to a mix of well-established artists as well as newcomers across a wide variety of styles. Drawing on personal and universal narratives – from identity and family, to loss and personal reflections, the Scottish Portrait Award exhibitions are always diverse and engaging, generating contemplation as well as debate while celebrating the wealth of creative talent in Scotland today.


Please click here to go to the Scottish Portrait Award's website.


Madeline in Bed
Timothy Chan


38 x 38 cm
Medium format film

The Glasgow Art Club Prize
First in Colour Photography


Self Portrait 2023
Mark Roscoe


110 x 85 cm
Oil on linen

Artist's Social Media
The Glasgow Art Club Prize
First in Fine Art


Roxana Halls
Kris Kesiak


29.7 x 42 cm
Digital photograph

Artist's Website
The Glasgow Art Club Prize
First in Black & White Photography

Alastair Blain, Painter.

© David Gillanders

The Makers - Alastair E. Blain, artist & poet
David Gillanders


70 x 55 cm
Black & white film 5 x 4, silver gelatin dark room print

Artist's Social Media
MPB Scottish Portrait Award in Photography
First Prize in Black & White


Self Portrait
Donna McGlynn


75 x 57 cm
Watercolour on Canson Heritage watercolour paper

Artist's Social Media
2023 Sutherland Independent Fine Art Exhibition
First Prize


Vanilla in the Kitchen
Ruaridh Fraser


55 x 55 cm
Film photograph

Artist's Social Media
MPB Scottish Portrait Award in Photography
First Prize in Colour


Portrait of Abiola
Garth Ivan


61 x 51 cm
Hasselblad H5D, Giclee print on achival bamboo linen

Artist's Social Media


Erin Lying on Jack
Camille Lemoine


25.4 x 30.5 cm
Digital photograph

Nominated for Young Photographer Award
Artist's Social Media


51kgs from Castlemilk
Huw Williams


180 x 140 cm
Oil on canvas

Artist's Wesbite

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