Saturday May 7th – Figure Drawing Fundamentals

A one day workshop in the Club’s upstairs studio space
11am to 1pm then  2pm to 5pm

This course is designed to advance the student’s translation of the three dimensional to the two dimensional, allowing you to confront the human figure, and eventually to draw it with fluency. Skill in drawing is considered fundamental to painting, sculpture or other art form at the Scottish School of Classical Art, and so we begin with the most difficult subject to draw effectively – the figure.

Students gain an introduction to the academic method of figure drawing, used by the major Realist ateliers of 19th century. Best exemplified the French and Russian Academic tradition.

Students receive a lecture and work from reference in the morning and work with the model in the afternoon. Whilst working with the model attendants learn the intricacies of the gestural drawing – the essential “scaffolding” for a finished academic figure drawing. This day long course represents a full and concise overview of academic figure drawing fundamentals, with a view to producing your own original works.”
Cost for the day £100