Tue 18th Jan to 12th Apr – Drawing the Figure in the Academic Style

Every Tuesday afternoon from 3pm to 6pm commencing January 18th at Glasgow Art Club

Drawing the Figure in an Academic Style‘ is a twelve session course* provided by the Scottish School of Classical Art. (*over a thirteen week span)

The course is designed to advance the student’s ability to render three dimensional form as a two dimensional drawing, enabling the student to confront the human figure, and eventually to draw it with fluency. Skill in drawing is considered fundamental to painting, sculpture or other art form at the Scottish School of Classical Art, the course therefore begins with the most difficult subject to draw effectively – the figure.

Course students will gain an introduction to the academic method of figure drawing, used by the major Realist ateliers of 19th century as exemplified by the French and Russian Academic traditions.  Students will receive tuition in anatomy and learn the intricacies of gestural drawing as a precursor to completed drawings of the human figure. The focus on anatomy enables the student to then use the figure as a reference point to develop realistic drawings within the duration of modelled poses.

Modelled poses commence from the second session onwards through to the end of the course with a two hour long pose captured using graphite and paper. During these sessions, the instructor will provide students with regular individual critiques to help guide them toward a fully resolved and accurate drawing.

By the end of the course, an ability to create edges giving the impression of form turning in space combined with a realistic impression of weight, balance, structure, solidity and flowing light, students will be able to demonstrate:

  • An understanding of human anatomy by a sophisticated outline and well designed shadow shapes, as well as descriptive half tone shapes integrated into bigger light shapes.
  • Proportion among various forms.
  • Skill dealing with the subtle changes of the living, moving form.

The course is offered at a total cost of £600 which can be paid as three instalments of £200. Click here for more and to book.