RCS Concert: March 2019

March 16 2019, 2pm


Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Tamino, a handsome Prince, is attacked by a Serpent and begs the Gods to help him. At his request the Queen of the Night’s assistants appear and save his life, killing the beast but also rendering Tamino unconscious. The three ladies gaze in awe at the Prince, commenting on his fine looks, but with much reluctance return to the Queen of the Night.

Meanwhile the eccentric Papageno enters, finding a confused Tamino and tells him that it was Papageno himself that killed the Serpent. The three women overhear this and, as punishment for his lie, lock Papageno’s mouth closed. However, they soon relent and free him as they realise he is sorry for his actions. They gift Tamino with the Magic Flute, possessing the power of turning sadness into joy, as it will aid him on his quest to free Pamina from Sarastro’s tower.


Tamino – Sam Marston

First Lady – Erin Spence

Second Lady – Helen Frances Corlett

Third Lady – Francesca Calvert

Papageno – Steven Warnock

Don Giovanni – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Leporello, under the disguise of Don Giovani, has led Donna Elvira her away from her home so that the real Lord is able to seduce Elvira’s servant. Soon after, Leporello abandons Donna Elvira. His attempt to escape however is thwarted when he is accosted by Zerlina, Masetto, Donna Anna and Don Ottavio. Falling for Leporello’s convincing costume the four threaten to kill him, but Donna Elvira comes to his rescue and begs them not to him. In his guilt, Leporello throws off his disguise and reveals who he really is, begging them all for his forgiveness.


Donna Elvira- Stephanie Edwards

Leporello- Michael Ferguson

Donna Anna- Erin Spence

Don Ottavio- Matthew McKinney

Zerlina- Rosemary McDonald

Masetto- William Frost


The Rape of Lucretia – Benjamin Britten

The scene opens on the household of Lord Collatinus, late in the evening. The women of the house- Lucretia, and her servants Bianca and Lucia, are gathered together working shortly before bed. To the hypnotic sound of the spinning wheel, they dream of their pasts, presents and futures held in their hearts. Lucretia yearns for her husband’s return but relents in her desire to stay awake and wait for him, and the three women prepare for bed. Suddenly a knock at the door stirs them from their tasks; Prince Tarquinius of Rome enters and, though concerned for their safety, Lucretia and the women offer him a room for the night.


Female Chorus – Kirsty Hobkirk

Male Chorus – Matthew McKinney

Lucretia – Francesca Calvert

Bianca – Helen Frances Corlett

Lucia – Suzanne Murphy

Tarquinius – Steven Warnock

Così fan tutte– Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Ferrando and Guglielmo, fiancés of sisters Dorabella and Fiordiligi, are currently in disguise; offered a bet by Don Alfonso, they attempt to woo the sisters to prove that their respective partners will remain faithful to them if they are called away to war. In this, their second attempt to win over the sisters, Ferrando and Guglielmo threaten to poison themselves, and the men pretend to fall unconscious until a “doctor” (secretly Despina in disguise) revives them using “magnet therapy”. Rousing from their sleep, though still intoxicated, they ask for kisses from the two “Godesses” Fiordiligi and Dorabella stood before them. The sisters are horrified and, even as the “Doctor” and Alfonso attempt to appease them, the women reject Guglielmo and Ferrando once more.


Fiordiligi – Emma Ward
Dorabella – Olivia Hemmings
Despina – Lauren McKinney
Ferrando – Sam Marston
Guglielmo – Thomas Chenhall
Don Alfonso – William Frost

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