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Membership Application Form:

This Application form can be completed for Membership Applications from: Non Practising Artists, Lay, Associate (i.e. The partner of any existing Artist member or Lay member) and Corporate Membership. All applicants should complete the first section of the application form. The second section is for Corporate applications only.

Practising Artist Applications:

Glasgow Art Club welcomes applications from practising artists*. Practising artists may not apply via the online application but should be proposed and seconded by a current artist member. If you do not know any Members of the Club personally, arrangements can be made to introduce you to Members of the Club Council, who could meet you and consider your desire to join our Club as a practising artist.

(*Artist members shall comprise persons practising in the fine and applied Arts and other visual Arts, architects and designers, and persons engaged professionally in other creative performance work.)

Please note that candidates for Practising Artist Membership, as part of their application process, will be required to submit examples of their artwork which will be voted on by existing Artist Members. If you are a practising artist and you do not know a current Artist Member of the Club, you can contact the Club, by letter or telephone or you can use the Contact form on the Contact Page, selecting "Membership Enquiry" from the drop-down menu and we will get back to you to progress your application.

Application Form