Ian Campbell Featured Artist

Fatherhood, For Iris (The Falcon’s flight) by Ian Campbell

Ian Campbell Featured Artist

Ian Campbell is a Scottish artist who’s work is imbued with west coast tradition, and specialises in figurative, landscape, and portrait pieces, in a variety of media, along with research into formal and symbolic aspects within the context of the subject.

He studied at the Glasgow School of Art.

He has exhibited in the Royal Scottish Art Exhibition, the Royal Glasgow Institute, Paisley Drawing Exhibition, various private galleries throughout the UK as well as commissioned work home and abroad.

“Fatherhood, For Iris (The Falcon’s flight)”

Fatherhood is black and white.

To be loving, caring, protective as you make your way through the journey of life together.

The Falcon has many meanings.

To the Ancient Egyptians it represents Horus the god that protects.

For Christians it symbolises spiritual enlightenment.

For the Chinese it is a symbol of the sun and in Poland it is magical and prophetic.

Agility, determination, grace, speed, power, freedom and healing are all associated with this bird.

Blue and the vertical lines represent strength.

Silver symbolises Wisdom over Wealth.

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