Verkeerde Maaksels (Mistaken Makings)

By Jess Holdengarde

Verkeerde Maaksels (Mistaken Makings)



“Verkeede Maaksels” and “Veld Matter” are two new photographic works created for the “In Process” exhibition. The silver gelatin prints were made from a rhubarb plant that has been prepared and developed into a natural and sustainable photographic developer.

The rhubarb used to make the natural chemistry was grown and collected from the artist’s own garden as well as donated from the artist and friend, Justin Stephens, who has a garden at South Western Allotments in Glasgow.

The nature in which this work has been developed speaks to a process of collective making, growing and sharing. The imperfect quality of these prints directs the viewer to what it means to work toward a sustainable practice. The gestural marks and scratches seen in “Verkeede Maaksels” and “Veld Matter” are from the bits of plant matter that were still in the photographic developer when printing these works.

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