Adam Kennedy


While a student at Edinburgh College of Art in 2007 I took the opportunity to study oil and Japanese painting at Kyoto Seika University, Japan and as a result learned to work in a variety of painting mediums. I graduated from ECA in 2009 and returned to my native Glasgow before going on to win the Aspect Prize in 2010/11. My current work focusses on late 19th century architecture but ranges from site specific installation and sculpture influenced by the history of airline travel to drawings and paintings reflective of my childhood fixation with transport and growing up next to the River Clyde in Glasgow. Combining oil, acrylic and water colour on the same surface the different mediums react to form textures suggestive of aged metal and tones not dissimilar to that of the blue greys found in a typical Glasgow sky and the aging sandstone of Glasgow architecture. The work itself is not necessarily a visually accurate representation of any specific structure but rather a slightly abstract, collage of mediums in order to communicate the atmosphere of being in the presence of these great constructions and the nostalgia one might feel when coming across aged prints and monochrome photographs of these aging objects. The works themselves are meant to look precious: corroding images protected only by the safety of their frames. It is an attempt to reflect these subjects in an age where aviation has taken over a once highly used form of travel which has now been left to rust and the lost artistry and soul of old Glasgow architecture.


Full Moon Over The Kelvingrove

Sun Life Building

Mixed media on paper 80cm X 60cm

Snowfall on the King's Theatre au crepuscule

Mixed media on paper 80cm X 60cm

Riverside Revolution

Mixed media on paper 110cm x 90cm

Templeton on the Green

Mixed media on paper 80cm X 60cm

Winter Garden

Mixed media on paper 80cm X 60cm

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