Keith Proven

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I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1983 with a BA in Jewellery and Silversmithing, and apart from a brief period of employment in Skye and a couple of seasons as a self-employed jeweller, I’ve never made us of my degree.

I then embarked on an eclectic career path which ranged from being a trawlerman and labourer (still on Skye) to marketing manager in the drinks industry before finally coming round full circle(ish) when I was graphic designer / jewellery designer / photographer for Ortak, based at their design studio in Edinburgh. Redundancy in 2012 gave me the opportunity to pursue photography on a full-time self-employed basis and also rekindle an interest in painting – mainly wildlife in gouache and acrylic. A heart attack in 2016 somewhat curtailed any enthusiasm I had derived from this until 2019, when I attended some afternoon portraiture classes at the local college in Fife. Unfortunately, pandemic put an end to the classes, but I continued working away at home, improving my techniques and eventually introducing myself to oil paints – a game changer!

So, although a late starter as a painter, I’m gradually feeling more comfortable to be called an artist… well, someone who paints, anyway.