Exhibition Visits

Education Event at the Glasgow Art Club  

Advanced Higher Students

Private View 30th October 2014 - Advanced Higher pupils visit exhibition at the Glasgow Art Club

STUDENT Evaluation of Private View  30th October
(Advanced Higher Group)

‘I enjoyed meeting the Artists and hearing them discuss their work. I also enjoyed seeing the various painting techniques’.

‘The experience was great, I was slightly nervous about meeting the artists but they were all so friendly…. Seeing the artwork was impressive…. Looking at the techniques has helped me with my own work. I really enjoyed the visit.’

‘The building was amazing. The high ceilings, massive doors, each room was impressive and surrounded by artwork was lovely.’

‘ I thought the layout of the building was very interesting and allowed for better viewing of the paintings as they were spread throughout instead of being in one hall’.

‘The techniques the artists used inspired me and allowed me to look at new ways of being creative’

‘The exhibition was amazing.  Seeing so many different techniques and styles used was great and being able to talk to the artists was helpful’.  






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